Monday, November 9, 2009

One More of The Glorious Days

It truly was...we took White to Virginia for firewood hunt (no success) and ended exploring wineries, after being turned down in Linden. We went to Oasis, which was little run down, but we had a very nice price winning chardonnay and to Unicorn; this one had very friendly personnel and i discovered traminette, probably distant cousin of tramin, very popular Moravian variety. Such a nice reunion!

Even the evening was sooo nice....felt more like summer, except it was getting kind of cold whenever the sun went down, oh well..i will certainly miss it....

And of course, there was yarn shop on the way, in the little town called The Plains. I got some mercerized hand dyed blueish cotton there earlier in spring and W. have chosen some very earthy (i would say camouflage) merino than - and we got another two skeins of the same one this time so it will be enough for more elaborate project than scarf and hat I originally intended. There will be some very busy needles in long winter evenings ahead :)

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