Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Winter, Day One

It officially started now, although it has been pretty cold for last couple of weeks, cold enough to freeze the river,

what i like about winters here is the clear sky on the frosty days, and all that sunshine ...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

First Snow of The Season !

It was very quiet lunch hour today....despite the usual protesters on Pennsylvania ....and it seems they always bring horses to the city around this time of year......I hope the creatures enjoyed the walk as much as i did (my friend horse breeder back in Illinois once told me that this weather is actually their favorite, go figure) ...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

No Comment ...

(taken today in front of the National Tree with suggestion of walk into Christmas wonderland quietly humming in the background)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

In the Making ...

Summer is never knitting time for me, I have not really touched needles since June... I started couple of projects this (almost last) year and it all ended in the basket for the summer, waiting for the right time, i.e. (outside temperature) fall:)
I finished (and never wore yet) this lacy pullover, made of very soft sugar cane fibers yarn; I got it last year in little knitting store in Hanalei(in our beloved Kauai). I made up my own design, simple raglan with v-neck and lacy wide borders. The yarn got very soft after washing...and also very stretchy, we shall see how it will behave being worn.

I also made another version of EZ swing jacket (second one in row in adult size, and I made a bunch of tiny ones for babies) in warm reddish tones from hand dyed alpaca and silk, it went to my mom as x-mass present.

This kimono one is mine (will never again make two same-pattern projects in row, it gets very boring second time around).

To make my fitting life easier, I got the giant doll (dressmaker's one) of my size to play with and I have soooo much fun with it... it is amazing how different (mostly better) everything looks when I can see it from "outside", but it is still couple inches bigger size than I would wish for, oh well :)

And, here is piece I will probably never wear, it is way too girly for me, it was just fun to make, I love lace patterns.