Monday, January 17, 2011

Philadelphia Story

We were having quiet coffe&waffles breakfast and watching Sunday Morning on CBS when they came up with "The Top 100 Chinese Restaurant Awards" announcement, and who would believe, the first prize went to this PA place, which is relatively close to us (it is Philly suburb). The next on the program was an interview with Gregg Allman from Allman Brothers, he was remembering their concert at the Fillmore in 1971 (released on album). We had little discussion on the topic (i like the band and W. not so much) but this particular album was highly apprised so W.decided to give it a second chance, jokingly pointing out that it would probably keep us company all the way to that Chinese restaurant if we ever decide to go ... and next thing we are sitting in the car en route to PA listening the Allman Brothers (btw, the album lasted all the way from beltway to downtown Philly)!!!

We never made it to that Chinese place but we came across colorfull Mexican restaurant called El Vez

and it was possibly the best Mexican food I ever had (me:creamy corn soup with seared scallop & omelet with pulled crab meat, w:tortilla soup & huevos rancheros, both frozen blood orange margaritas)

It was quite cold day, so we walked just a bit to the gallery W. wanted to visit, got the notorious LOVE statue picture on the way ;),

discovered Fabric Workshop and Museum, but were too tired to visit (we shall do so next time) and just rushed through colorful marketplace on the way back to Precious (the car ;)).

We liked the liveliness of the Philly downtown and shall be back soon since there is the famous Flower Show coming in March !

Monday, January 10, 2011

Looking Back ...

We had very quiet holidays this year, no traveling, but plenty of fire in the cozy dark rooms, and some good dinners with nice glass of wine here and there. I liked it very much that way (but I understand it was probably exception, oh well ...)

The tree is down now and all is new and fresh in this 2011 year. We picked up skiing with my dear W,

we went twice so far to the nearest "resort" (Whitetail,PA that is) and both time we had great time (even though it was followed with some muscle discomfort next day). I hope we will manage more runs this season.