Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Bit of Culture

I joined the book club yesterday; nothing too serious - it is organized by people in my office. I never participated in such thing before, I always thought it is more of commitment than I can handle, that I have way too many other interests already. This time I could not resist though; the group is diverse in sooooo many ways and I would love to see what other people's perception of things may be comparing to mine.

I as well did a little recapitulation of the books I have read in recent years and I realized I am reading mostly easy going mysteries or Terry Pratchett's DiskWorld Series these days. What happened to the curious and book-hungry H. from 20 or so years ago? May be I just got swept by my own life's affairs and I did not have the need to deal with the emotionally more complex plots and characters on the top of it; I do not know. Well, the time is ready for some serious reading revisited since my life is much calmer and happier now (and yes, it is because of you, my dear W.). So the first book was chosen and I hope this whole experience will meet my expectations :)

Oh, and one of my office friends just turned wonderful 23 years :). So Happy Birthday P., what an eventful day!


  1. It's about time you start reading something meaningful :-)

  2. Hi Hanka!
    I made English blog with my friend Susan :)
    Our English isn´t very good, but we want to be better :)

    Eli :)