Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Arrivals....and New Beginnigs

We got the firewood today - 1/2 cord of supposedly oak and sycamore and maple. It was delivered safely cut into logs - so no accidental chopping/chainsawing off body parts for us :) ; even though i was kind of looking forward to it (to the old fashioned axe chopping not to the accidents!), reminds me about dad..... I still secretly plan to cut and process that wild walnut tree which we had cut down in spring and which lies uselessly on the backyard hill.... And not as i like cold weather, but i would not mind day or two little colder so we can try some fire....

Than there was catalog from Raintree Nursery waiting for me. It is the only place i could find, which carries all kinds of "European" style plants like currants and gooseberries; those are for some reason very rare around here. If it was up to me, now seems to be good time to plant these things in our zone, but they do not ship until early spring, so i would have to wait. I would like to start hedge at the road side of front yard; and i would like to get some hips bearing rose and berries for nice sunny spot behind back fence left by the removed tree. Hm..i better start to save for it now ;) ...

I have bought nice pattern for W. vest from "camouflage" yarn we brought from this weekend trip (it is Cascade Superwash Paints, 100g/220 yd, 100 % wool). The pattern, Laredo Vest, comes from wonderful knitting design site Twist Collective, it is simple faux cabled v-neck with interesting neckline construction. I had eye on that one for a while and the yarn seems perfect for it and i am itching to start, just to see how it will look like.

And my missing back order of Paint Box yarn finally arrived! I was getting little worried i will never see it coming. It should be well enough to finish my version of Clasica coat (from Interweave Knits/fall2009) i have started earlier this fall, using as well leftovers from W's big cabled cardigan. I still have to think up some details for sleeves and shoulders, but the core work is done, so hopefully it will not take too long - unlike W's one, which still waiting for zipper and pockets since last winter (i know i know mom!) .....

The yarns are Paint Box (50g/100 yd, 100% , color 07 Tourmaline) & KnitPicks Telemark (50g/100yd,100% wool, color Burlap & Cork)

And, as for beginnings, friend got engaged, so happy happy happy life M!

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