Friday, November 27, 2009

The Day T

We hosted the first family Thanksgiving dinner in our home yesterday. It was both very exhausting and very satisfying experience - I made jerk spiced turkey with cranberry relish, honey and dark beer glazed ham,

mashed potatoes with gravy, spicy roasted yams, collard greens with bacon, sweet italian sausage dressing and green beans and squash wild rice salad. I think not bad for foreigner, right :)

We had nice evening with traditional Canasta game afterwards and some trips into memory lane when W. brought up old grandfather's albums (i mean seriously OLD).

It feels very festive today, like the day after christmas at home - fridge is full of leftovers, so i do not have to worry about cooking for a while and have time for all my little projects (like finishing Blue Glacier for the second time!). And there are whole three free days ahead! Life is good even with little cold creeping in.

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