Thursday, November 5, 2009


Every good gardener has a journal - so this shall be mine from now on .....with bits and pieces from my other favorite places like kitchen, sewing room and knitting chair as well. I had dilemma for a while - should I write in English or in Czech? - and it will be English for now, so you can practice your skills a bit mom!
They say it is difficult to start, so i guess i will skip that part and will pretend i started months ago....

As of today, our spicy little peppers are still waiting for the first frost of season, so i will let them catch some more sun to add darker shades to their beautiful red. Tulips and other bulbs are happily in the ground in the new flowerbed on "front lawns" for last two weeks; I really hope that all that digging into hard stony ground and bags of humus will bring some payoffs in spring. Little tea roses i planted this spring are still blooming like crazy, especially the orange one in front patio. It looks like at least somebody likes clay.

Zinnias and morning glories are already behind zenith, but i should try to collect some seeds from them before cleaning the ground for winter to bring them back in spring...cannot wait!

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