Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lions Inside the Gates

There is a whole pack of them living with us here...
Some of them are small and hiding behind the walls,

some of them are big and scary,

some of them are lonely and forgotten,

some of them even have the wings.

They silently watch the human jungle around them, guard fierce fully their territory

or just rest with eyes ajar, head on the paws, knowing their majestic appearance would do the trick anyway...

I wonder if they know about each other.... Oh, but they must!

May be sometimes at night, when nobody is watching, they stretch out and roar and jump down to run wild in that hour of nobody. Or may be they just go quietly on with their secret lives. Just like us after hours...

I like them all but there is only one lion I love and share my life with.

1 comment:

  1. Cool post Hana! You bet they stretch and roar when nobody is watching, I heard them :-)
    Or maybe it was the lion in my life then?