Monday, November 16, 2009

I Like Fall

I like the morning mists and moodiness and the earthy smells of damp forest.
I like the promises of early Saturday morning.

I like the sheer happiness of those two creatures. I like how eager they are to explore.

I like the colors. I like the clear skies. I like how warm the sun can be, even in mid November.

I like the unexpected turns of Sunday trips.

I like the evening light.

I like happy endings.


  1. Dear Hanka,
    I read your interesting texts. I think, your photos are amazing! I will visit your blog every day :)

    Eli B. :)

  2. Dear Eli B.
    Thank you soooo much for your support:)

    i was looking for you on Facebook...well
    if you would like to be my friend you can find me as Hana Carlton...and say hi to everybody at home for me:)

  3. Good evening, I think these protos are realy charming. Come the photos from the USA?
    Yours, Zuzka K.