Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Day in the Museum

I went to see a closing exhibition mapping the history of photography making in NGA (dark room style that is). I am always curious to meet the people from the past (oldest picture was from somewhere in 1800's), to see how much they look like us, only the fashion is changing a bit. I am very happy we are living in the era of digital photography and emancipation, the manual processing must have been very expensive in the time of platinum and silver developing salts and I suspect girls did not get to play very often with cameras either. So I celebrated the fact I can :), the east wing of NGA is very encouraging.

Than I went through one quick circle around the paintings of The Chester Dale Collection exhibit which opened last month, just to see what interesting is there. That one is running till July 2011, so I will go and spent more quality time there latter, preferably without so many strangers around (aaaaand with W.).

All inspired I made some more pictures before heading home,

and than I found this amazing old building.

It is somewhere behind the Howard University and I only hope I would be able to find it again in some better weather. I was freezing cold to spent more time there at the moment, so that is just a preview too :)

It reminded me about all the mosaic tiles I was looking at recently. I may end up making some little mosaic piece for garden, having all the sample and leftover tiles and grout in hands.

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