Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow and the City, Part 2

We had the two major snow storms in the past week (they say the whitest winter in the history); the first one started on Friday evening and we had 28 inches by Saturday afternoon. Sunday was glorious blue sky day, so we walked around to see how are the neighbors (some of them on the surrounding streets did not have electricity for days) and how the Silver Spring mini town center is coping with the calamity. They did good job, our street was ploughed by Sunday nigh (not the case of DC though), above ground Metro was not running on Monday and I could not make it to the office through the snow and ice on Georgia Ave in my low sitting Silver, the moment we started to drag belly I turned it back home. So here was the first snow day "off" for me.

The second storm came on Tuesday and lasted whole day Wednesday. Unlike the first one with the heavy watery snow, this one was more like real blizzard, with winds up to 50 mil/hr. We were little worried we are going to loose power or one of the giant trees behind the house will fall over, fortunately non of the mentioned happened. This time the whole office closed, my second snow day in a week (government guys have not open till Friday midday). I made it downtown on Thursday, after shoveling the snow load off the Silver for the second time in couple of days (some workout that was). The city was soooo pretty in lunch time, that was my reward for making it in :)

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