Sunday, February 14, 2010

(Sometimes) It's Just a Perfect Day ...

We had calm and peaceful weekend. I made a pre-Valentine crepes with heavenly delicious jelly from Hawaii for breakfast on Saturday, with the poetic name Hana Passion (we got it in small stand halfway to H. on Maui).

I thought it was just the right time to taste that one. If I did know how good that stuff is, I would have stock on it, now we have to go back to get some more :).

Not having any new snow to shovel, we had time for bit of culture, we went to see the National Geographic's exhibit of Chinese terracotta warriors.

It was interesting experience, it makes you thing what a waste of human energy it is to build such a monumental army just to feed a paranoia of one person ... If they had channeled all that creativity into something useful, they could have changed the world. But at least I had opportunity to see "frozen" life from 200 years B.C., I love a mystery book series from ancient China by Robert Van Gulik featuring the judge Dee; seeing those clay man there gave some real faces and shapes to my favorite characters.

We visited the exhibit with our friend R (we were his first official lunch guests in his rebuild home that day), so afterward we stopped for cup of hot chocolate in recommended place on 14th & Q street,

I left with two samples of some exotic chocolate concoctions,

one with sea salt and one with Indian spices, they are both surprisingly good. We were leaving just when the sun was setting down, I could not resist to capture the soft pink colors (how very Valentine!).

I did some more baking trials from LRB bread book on Sunday. That one is quite elaborate Kugelhopf thing, it is fine yeast dough swirl with chocolate filling. Making process is somehow time demanding (the resting time for dough and sponge, not the mixing itself), but the result is definitely worth all the waiting.

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