Monday, January 18, 2010


That is the state of our home now ... Well, it just feels like it since our three poor ones (Zoe, Floyd and visiting Cocoa) are confined together in the small storage room while The Construction is going on every where else downstairs. When the weather allows, we let them out, but it was cold and raining whole day Sunday (it is still January after all), so by the evening they were sick and tired of each other and the space (the lack of it that is). Oh well, they will have to hold on for couple more days until the Part 1 is done.
Meanwhile I have seen some irresistible dogsies on my walks and trips; in such occasion one just has to be quick and push the release button fast enough ... :)

the white one was making faces, he liked to pose (DC downtown)

we met these two during our Thanksgivig weekend trip to old Alexandria (in front of The Torpedo Factory Artworks), I recall they had some jingle bells somewhere too ...

these guys (girls?) live in Charleston, the poodles were barking to guard their garden, the little ones were just looking, knowing they have some back up if things get ugly. It is funny how all of them came in pairs - may be we should get ready for a really big water :)

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  1. Have you checked their sexes? Maybe they are all same sex or even worse, a-sexed like ours, which is very likely... :)