Thursday, January 21, 2010

Green Is On My Mind

The color green I mean for now. I did know immediately that our new laundry (my craft) room should be in green&white theme. The combination has some freshness in it, it is associated with something bright and clean in my head, very proper for the main function of the room I think. And we have white appliances anyway (and now IKEA white cabinets as well), so it would be quite easy to accomplish, all we have to do is to choose the right shade for at least (!) two walls.
So, here we are with bunch of sample color cards.

I really liked the "Granny Smith Apple", but inconveniently that particular shade is not from our tested paint producer, so we may end up with "Citron". Oh well, close enough.

All inspired, I started another small project in green and white - it will be a wreath for the main doors, for St. Patrick day and spring time generally.

Parts of it may look a little bit like the one I have seen in Purl Bee , and latter on I may use it as a wall decoration for the new room (if it looks good enough:))
To conclude the report on recent green happenings in our home, my petite orchid is blooming!

It was getting ready for a while and I was watching impatiently and now the time of glory came for the gentle forerunner of the spring ...


  1. Yeey!
    BTW, you can get the Granny Smith Apple mixed in ANY good paint store, including HD, in a paint from another manufacturer.
    I still like the citron better, though :)

  2. the greens look much better in real life, the camera did not quite captured it ...
    GSA is kind of grayish green, but still clean, no blue tones in it like it turned on the photo