Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jester And Whale

While wondering through very sunny but butt-freezing Savannah, we could not resist to peek into curious little antique store on the multilevel river bank. Interesting place; to enter, we had to cross a narrow foot bridge ...

Store owner specialty were apparently old glass goblets, he had tons of them on display everywhere. We browsed through all the knickknacks and found the Whale, we originally thought that is the door knocker (I was actually looking for one, not having a door bell at home) but we learned it is a paper clip. We liked it anyway. And just as we were about to leave - there he was, small brass door knocker in the shape of Jester.

Since that very figure represents my maiden name and it was reasonably priced, the deal was sealed. Only thing is, it may, in fact, not be a Jester but a creature called Dartmoor Pixie. They are living in the folk tales around the Devon and the Cornwall, they are slightly mischievous, fond of music and dancing, generally good hearted, they would even sometimes help with the household chores (great!). Oh, and they are nice to people who like them. We love you our little guy! :)

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