Saturday, January 9, 2010


New Year sure calls for new knitting project, so I cast on to make my favorite baby sweater - February jacket by EZ. I found an adult version on Ravelry so this one will be for myself, or for you, mom, if you finally decide to visit us:) It is going to be made with yarn I got last summer in Laramie, while visiting my dear friend M. and getting married in Boulder. They have surprisingly nice little yarn store in that forgotten part of world, with tons of hand dyed stuff. The husband of the yarn lady is photographer and she quite successfully tries to capture his pictures into dye colors. What an inspiring idea - I may try it one day! Among other things, I got there the "Alpine Lake" silk and wool mix and was just waiting for the right pattern and complimentary yarn to materialize :).

The colors of the yarn reminds me about stained glass window, so after some trial and errors I decided for black Malabrigo silk mix to go with it, in simple striping manner. And so far it works, even with the lacy part. Thanks to long drive home from Florida I made some progress already!

I as well finished W's Camouflage vest, just as the last year ended and in time for arctic weather we are experiencing right now in DC - 22-28 F!. I like the pattern and I like the result, it is nice fit without any need for alternations; I will for sure go back to the source (Twist Collective) for more in future, love the place.

Oh, and I decided to remake part of my Falling Leaves coat (Clasica coat from Vogue fall 2009). I am missing some of Burlap Telemark for front cables and the colorway is out of the production. I ordered the closest color I could find but it did not work with the rest of the coat, so I took apart the bottom edge (which was not in original pattern anyway and I did no like how it gathered the fabric) and will use the yarn to finish lapels.

The hood may end up being made from the dark violet color I got in attempt to get better match. It will be little bit like sky above the forest ;).

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