Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Snow and the City

We got snowed under. I think those may be the right words, found in The Washington Post header, to paraphrase the "Snowed under Patriots", notorious book Czechs would mention in such situation.

The whole thing happened between our office party on Friday (overall smooth jazz-and-dinner outing to Blues Ally in Georgetown) and Saturday evening. Of course, the child part of me was excited:)

It was beautiful, I have not seen so much snow since I left Europe (I still dream about going for some serious skiing one of these days).

Well, the big part of my unblemished joy was probably the fact I did not have to un-showel the cars and pathways, my dear W. did it and the price was very sore back afterward, therefore - the Note: next time it happens I shall help! The big pile was my Silver ...

It was certainly event to remember, supposedly the biggest snowfall in the last hundred years.

Fortunately, we had blue skies by Sunday, and clear roads by the time of Monday rush hours.

Three days latter, the temperature still just wiggles around 0C, so the snow did not melted yet. City feels very festive; covered with soft white blanket,

usual noises got somehow muffled, the crowds either already gone for holidays or scared away. And I like the new color schemes, the sparking in the sun, I have to enjoy it till it lasts.

I will certainly hope for the repetition next year, may be in a touch smaller scale though.

Life is good with all the little surprises (the horse had as well jingle bells around the neck) ...

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