Thursday, December 3, 2009


They look like some giant kid pictures to be proudly pinned on the fridge door. And the ones i see every day in the city make me even feel the same way about them.

Just like the small, not perfect, but very personal pieces of "art" I treasure at home, they bring the pinch of emotions - they make me smile or enjoy the colors and form,

they always manage to surprise me with some small detail I overlooked the last time I walked around ...

And there is something very powerful about the size, indeed. The way how it takes over the space, that we almost become a part of it (I am actually the second one from the left).

That's probably what Michelangelo had in mind with Sistine Chapel :).

I admire them! I would love to try it one day - to come to empty wall and fill it with my visions, to carefully select colors and theme and than just do it. May be W. should watch me closely if I start thoughtfully eying some empty spots in the house with jars of paint in my hand :)

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