Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Forest (of the Shining Trees)

They are lurking from behind every corner in this time of the year,

only, I always had mixed feelings about this tradition; I like how the decorated trees look (and smell) but I hate the idea of killing them just for that. And the artificial ones are usually, well, very artificial ...

People take the winter decoration seriously here. Never mind the big part of it is probably just commercial trick, I still like how festive the city suddenly looks

with all the extra lights, bows and greenery

and what a great occasion for creativity outburst!

Trees start to grow here earlier too, right after the Thanksgiving weekend (unlike the very Christmas Eve morning in Czech). One can enjoy them longer that way...

I was reluctant at first, but inspired by the sprouting forestry around and gently pushed into it when W. took his old fake tree down from the attic, I hanged all the ornaments we had and even found the use for those which did not fit, first time in last 12 years. And I made the winter wreath for the front doors, although this one I am making every year.

And they do look pretty, after all, even if they are all plastic. I think we just started our very own, guilt free, family Christmas tradition - at least till the fir tree, we have in front yard, is big enough to be decorated, while happily growing, so it may look like this (i.e. The National Christmas Tree 2009). One day :)

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