Monday, May 3, 2010

Sheep and Wool

we have seen in overwhelming quantities of both when we visited The Maryland S&W Festival on Sunday.

We found out about it quite accidentally when I saw a message on the closed doors of the Alexandria yarn store saying everybody went there. We got curious and went too:)

it was fun, even though it was one of those 90-in-shade-jungle-wet days.

I was very reasonable though, I dragged home with me only one skein of juicy red incredibly soft hand dyed alpaca yarn,

I think I just have seen too many nice things to be really sure what I absolutely have to have ;). My catch of the day is destined to be a cardigan I am planning to make for my mom (again).
. . .
On the way home we stopped in the antique stuffed Ellicot city,

to choose nicely restored potential candidate for W's old books library for upstairs living room and to buy heavily discounted leather sitting cube for the downstairs new space

it was so cheap that it must have been an early gift from one of these gentleman (who probably had a secret convention there).
. . .
It was otherwise very work-busy week, but I somehow managed to finish my Stained Glass cardigan,

which was originally intended for mom, but it ended up being too big for her (she apparently does not like wide sleeves). I am happy to keep it for myself, as souvenir from the day we spent in Laramie last June just day before we got married (I got the blue-green merino silk yarn there).
My fingers were itching to start something from the beautiful yarn I got in Kauai, so the Hanalei Dream pullover just mysteriously appeared on my needles on Tuesday and it keeps growing fast since.

It is my own design, but I am planning to use EZ calculations for raglan construction and it will definitely be the v-neck.
. . .
Oh and our climbing rose is blooming now !

And so is the maroon clematis in the front yard,

peonies are just about to open, azaleas are behind the peek I think, but since we have them in relative shade, they will last for couple more days.

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