Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bloom Time

This time of year is my almost favorite, not too hot and so many colors everywhere (unfortunately they come with pollen in one package, so that is the catch). I cannot get enough the roses we have in garden, we may end up with no grass and forest of roses one day, I drag home new bush almost every week now :)

I always thought that roses are too fussy to be beautiful in regular gardens, that one has to pamper them to see some blooms, but it is pleasant surprise that the ones we have are doing fine with no extra attention requirements at all (I did prune them little in the early spring to remove dead branches and I am using granulated Miracle Grow plant food for roses sporadically).
And these girls are making me happy too, although the red ones are not going to bloom this year, I have to replant them in the fall and make sure they are not sitting too deep.

. . .
We were on the way to Lowes on Sunday, to get some garden stuff and look for more door slabs e.t.c., but fate had for us something else ...

we found there our new seating! As W. have put it - "we will know when we see it" - and indeed we did. The only problem was we had to take it home the same day, so that was pretty much our afternoon/evening entertainment (we had to make 2 trips there). Cannot wait to see it in the new space !


  1. What... no pictures of the selected "seating"!? ;-)