Monday, May 24, 2010

M(a)y Garden

It was raining most of the last week and The garden liked it :) The terraces are soaked with water and since it is very warm as well, all is ready to "jungle up". Even the new rose on the bottom corner is shooting fresh leaves, poor one. I have not given her too high survival chances after she was completely destroyed by "salami" (our unruly Zoe dog, who was told she will become a sausage if she does not stop doing such a baaaaad things, but somehow she does not take me seriously, she tried to dig it out and crushed the the rose so badly that only the bare sticks were left).

Of course I bought more tomato and pepper plants (even though we will have some from the seeds I started directly to ground) and one squash and one zucchini since they were such success last year. To accommodate all of them, I expanded a bit both of ours "uphill" and "downhill" vegetable patches. The borders will be done more properly next year (as we have seen it at our neighbor's and as I am promised)

While weeding the the rows, I found this

It is remnant of the wild "walnut" tree we cut down last spring - we are not really sure which nut it actually was, just looked little bit like wallnuts but had no edible core. This seedling looked like from some botanists collection :)

Our cherry tree is getting ready for my mom to have some fresh cherries

so far unnoticed by birds:). May be they get enough of mulberries from the old tree growing on our front edge

I had big plans to try jam or even wine, but we are so very busy this year that I will just make some pie for time being, they are about ready for that.
I got some moderately bad news about the little feet project, but may be there is still hope, we shall see ... Fortunately we did not have time to worry about it too much, we are getting closer to the end of all the building downstairs, now there is lot of painting ahead of us (saying us even though so far it was mostly W. who did all the work) and we had to go get some closet furniture ...
Somewhere between the shelwes in Ikea I got inspired and made this very Czech piece for dinner. We call it "smazak", it is breaded and pan fired piece of cheese (with optional slice of ham between), served with fries - we had a good chippotle red potato ones from WHF freezer section, baked in oven.

I know, not exactly healthy choice, but it was good (and we have it just once in a blue moon) :)... Oh, and we won the world championships in ice hockey, we beat the RUSSIANS!!!!

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