Friday, February 18, 2011

Winter is Over!

Well ... at least where we are, that is. We had two sunny days in row in 70' (!), so of course i am getting into gardening mood. I know, it is still too early to go outside, so all i have for now is the potted greenery. I was glad to find out that my kind of neglected orchids survived all the last year construction mess just fine (except they did not bloom) and they started flowering again, at least some of them.

And I am so very proud about my Hawaiian acquisitions ;)

the stick with miniature leaves pushing on the top is a plumeria and the little creature behind it is Kauai coffee plant. Hmm ... actually, it is of the Kona variety when i think about it, we bought them both right before we left the island (Kauai) in the little store at the airport. They are understandably very restrictive about what you can take or bring in plant-wise over there, so everything living has to be specially certified before leaving. Anyhow, i am still sorry i did not pick some real Kauai raw beans to sow when we went to see the coffee plantation there, the "fruits" were just ripe, oh well silly me. Plumeria produces those very sweet smelling white flowers which are traditionally used for leis. For me it is the best fragrance ever, it always will remind me of my most favorite place in the world ... the trees were blooming under our windows when we went for our honeymoon:). I am so happy about these little guys :) I was worried they will not survive the winter, we brought them in the middle of November last year, after squishing them for eleven or so hours in plane. Yet, the coffee one revived quickly, but i had no hopes for the stick. Well, fortunately, the nature is an almighty sorceress :)

(this one is from my lunch time walk, just happy about the blue skies and green...uhmm...spring chimera?)

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