Monday, February 7, 2011

The Sound of Music

We have had plenty of that in past week, on Tuesday we went to see another of the old time legends, Robert Plant & his Band of Joy with Patty Griffin.

He is singing lots of duets with ladies who can supply the heights he probably cannot reach any more these days (on his last CD) and it works nicely. We had fun that evening, especially since he as well performed some old Led Zeppelin songs ( It's Been a Long Time, Tangerine, Whole Lotta Love) - as close as one can get (minus the jeans).

Than, to pre-celebrate our anniversary, we went to waltz dancing this Sunday. It is organized on regular basis at stylish art deco Glen Echo Spanish Ballroom, with some basic class at the beginning and live band through out. It was little bit like at the first dance lessons we went through at high school in Czech. They unfortunately have not teach us the Viennese Waltz though, which caused some confusion for me and poor W. since I tried to steer him all the time. People just circle ballroom here, which is kind of boring, and as the amount of couples increased with time, it was little bit like maneuver through the traffic on the beltway (as W. commented). But, overall I think it was not so bad as the first attempt. It is great exercise and I am promised we shall be back. I really would like to learn some salsa...and tango perhaps...

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  1. seems interesting..,. i wish i could learn latin (especially mexican) dances and, of course, teach the mexican lady our european standard dances :)