Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Very Berry shirt

I got the papaya pink (that was the official name) Claudia hand painted silk the summer i moved to DC, it is 5 years now. It was in hibernation for long time, finally i found elegant cup sleeve shirt by Debbie Bliss (fall 2008). I ended up knitting with two strands, pairing it with ruby red solid of the same quality. I was little afraid to wear it for the first time, it looks kind of fragile, but so far it keeps shape just fine and i even do not see any piling.


Being so pleased with the result above, i went for another full silk project, this time simple peasant blouse (Interweave Knits Summer 2008), it is started from the top with quite interesting double hem, i could not resist to add some lace to the edges to make it more interesting. The more colorful yarn is silk & seacel (fiber made of sea weeds) which i got in Laramie, WY, on our little honeymoon trip 3 years ago. Since it was just one skein i combined it with hand painted lace silk i got last fall in Virginia Montpelier Sheep & Sheep Dog fair (October 1-2 this year).
Final product turned to be slightly bigger than i expected, as it stretched a bit after blocking (so it is more tunic than shirt now), but it does not really matter, i really love how it feels next to skin.

Hana Banana

This is one of the rare single color things i ever made, i always get bored more quickly with these. I found inspiration in good old European Verena (spring 2009), i was looking for something simple and airy since the yarn itself is little bulky, (cotton/linen blend, stashed since 2008). I quite like to wear it, it has surprisingly nice drape to it.

Reading this after myself i realize that most of the materials & patterns are at least 2 years old (!) - I guess i need some time to digest in order to come up with an idea worth realization :)

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